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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Noor from Norway.

I’m a 20 year old girl born and raised in Norway, by Christian parents. In my hometown there are 7 churches and no mosques, and hardly any Muslims. My family has never been very religious but I was thought to believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior. And I didn’t really question Christianity while growing up. All my family members and others around me were Christians. It was just natural – ‘the way it was’. Still, I accepted Islam one week before I turned 19. Alhamdulillah (all praise & thanks be to God).
What happened?
Last year of high school my best friend in class, who happened to be a Muslim (from Kosovo), got very enthusiastic about discussing religion. She was very happy for and proud of her own, and wanted to know where I was regarding mine. She asked me questions like “You believe in the Trinity? How does it work? What does the Bible say about such-and-such?” This made me realize that there was a lot I didn’t know about my own religion.

I started reading the Bible and going to church – to ‘come closer to God’. But as time went on I felt something was missing. The priest was always saying ‘just believe, just accept Jesus Christ’ but how could that be enough? God was giving me everything – eyes to see, ears to hear, a mind to think and reflect, a caring family, some wonderful friends, amazing health etc – why didn’t He want me to show my deep gratitude towards Him (I was a very grateful Christian) and prove my belief in Him?

In December 2010 I was going through an emotional rollercoaster. It was Christmas time and everyone was happier and more friendly than usual. But I found myself dragged between two ‘evils’. I went back and forth, thinking what if the true God is in Christianity – or what if Islam is His religion? I was feeling enormous guilt no matter what I thought, as I was surely wronging the true God by doubting His religion – whichever it was.

My frustration and confusion – concerning God & religion – reached its peak a day in the middle of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. I went for a walk that evening, totally alone, surrounded by snow and darkness. All I wanted was to understand who my Creator was and what He wanted from me. I felt totally lost and just wanted to choose what was right. Therefore I begged the Only One who could hear me – not really knowing who He was – with the utmost sincerity “Oh God, forgive me! Please, forgive me for not understanding Your Greatness & Your Power! Please, help me understand!”

My Turning Point 

A few days into the new year, 11.1.11, I watched a video on youtube called “Do Muslims Follow Jesus Christ More Than Christians Do?” – The Deen Show. My Muslim friend had suggested it and I had no idea what to expect. But before hitting the play-button I decided to have an open mind to it. It was one hour and it changed my life. It was really shocking, even though they were talking in the gentlest manner. As the new information entered my ears, a new goal developed in my mind “to find the Truth, and then follow it”. Their advice was so humble and sincere “don’t believe us, just look for yourself, read the Quran, then decide for yourself”.

The next days, weeks and months I did some heavy research into both religions, especially Islam. After finishing the Quran (Norwegian translation of the meaning), I had no more reason to wait. I said my shahada (testimony of faith) June 17th 2011, and I couldn’t be happier. Islam gives me peace of heart and makes me see the world much more clearly. 


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