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Saturday, December 15, 2012

How a Spanish sister converted to Islam

My name is Maria, my father worked all his life in the Spanish consulate in a Moroccan city. So I grew up there. My life spent divided between two cultures and religions, Spanish and Catholic life with my parents and in the school and my life  Moroccan and Muslim, with my friends, and in the day to day.
My parents always made ​​sure that even if I lived in a Muslim country, my faith was anchored to Catholicism, so we were always there where they were practicing something religious and even started to give to a very small age, Bible lessons.
In vacacciones for Christmas, my parents sent me to my grandparents to enjoy the atmosphere, the lights, the carols .... And of course, I loved, it seemed everything beautiful.

When I reach adolescence, I started to get away from everything about religion, when it was time for Bible classes, I wanted to go with my friends .... when the time came for religious ceremony in the morning of Sunday, I preferred to fall asleep.
So in the end, my parents decided to send me to Spain to take my university studies.

I felt really bad,  I did not know anyone, and people did not act like I was used to. I felt out of place, confused. In the university I  met two Spanish girls, who seemed very nice, funny, a little crazy and I encourage to meet with them from time to time.

Through them I met my first husband with whom I married when I was 18 years old. He was of Nigerian origin, always with Bible in hand, prayed when he got up, before he sleeps and put on his  best clothes to go to church on Sunday.
My family never accepted my husband, and that made me away from them. Then I thought we were happy, we travel, we went to restaurants, nightclubs, ...... even went to meet his family.
But that all changed once  he obtained a stable residence in Spain, he came out, he was going to clubs and traveling .... while I was studying in the morning and working in the afternoon.
My husband became jealous, selfish, and especially violent. He beat me, for anything from whether  I was  late from the work , even if one day the food had too much salt...But his family always told me the same thing, if he hits you is  because he loves you, if a man does not loves you  he  leaves you. And because I love him , and my estrangement from my family, I accepted and quiet.
But of course everything got more and more, he cheated me, he lied me .... and violence came to the point that the neighbors called the police. I wanted to get a divorce, but  I did not know what to do next, ....where to go,... someone to turn to.
A day  he cames  home at midnight, drunk,  he wake up me and asked me to come down and buy a bottle of alcohol,  I had three hours to class. I refused and the battle began, I spent two days in hospital and  he was arrested.

I called my best friend from morocco, I explained her what  happened and the next day her family sent me money to take a plane and go back to Morocco, I spent some years with them, seeing how lthe Muslim life was, the way  they treated the mother , and how they treat neighbors, how  women were respected... and then  ................. Allah guided me to Islam.
 I recover contact with my family and  after to get my divorce ,got married

Today I  make spanish dawah to Islam, and especially  I try to show people what it is indicating in  the Quran and Sunnah regarding women.

Alhamdulillah for everything, my past, my present, and my future in shaa Allah.


Karima said...

What a journey to Islam, so sorry this sister had to go through that pain with such a nasty husband. I am glad she found her way to Islam and I hope she has a better life now inshallah. Take Care.

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