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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am Dounia and I'm from Canada.

DOUNIA is a Revert to Islam as of august 2nd 2011, French Canadian Jamaica, former Roman Catholic and attended Catholic school her entire life from Ontario, Canada, Currently in Alberta. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Sciences.

Khadijah: How was your life(style) before Islam? Were you religious at all?

Dounia: I was kinda everywhere, more spiritual even though I knew alot/more then I should now about my faith... after my grandmother passed away religion went too.  But I could never accept that a man could be a god.  It's like believing in Greek mythology.  And I knew all too well about that stuff too.
 Khadijah: How did you discover Islam and what made you decide you wanted to become Muslim?
 Dounia: I was searching for God... My mother accused me of being muslim long before I ever even considered it all because I refused the idea of Jesus (pbuh) to be a god.  So, I became more religious in my Catholic beliefs, started to attend bible studies and reciting the rosary.  Trying my best to get in tune with my faith.  I was surrounded by alot of anger towards myself and those around me.  I was very unhappy with my life and wanted something better for myself.  What intrigued me the most is the confusion and mystery of Islam... Not every muslim was portraying a muslim-like character whether it be a good or bad behaviours nothing was clear to me and that pushed me to find the truth once and for all!  I perticularily wanted to know the position of women in Islam and the reason for wearing a head scarf or the face veil.  My research lead me to have a sens of empowerment if I were to adopt this new way of life.  I would no long be a slave to society... just a slave of Allah SWT.

Khadijah: Describe three things that you love about Prayer/Praying in Islam that you want others to know .
 Dounia: The things that I love about salat (there are many) is that you have that one-on-one time with Allah (God).  You don't have to wait to see priest, its directly to Him.  You have to concentrate and do it properly or else it doesn't count.  I'm always striving to perfect my salat.  Prayer is BIG because it gives you the opportunity to give thanks to your Creator.  People may think that 5 times a day is alot but in reality it's not at all.  Imagine you seeing your best friend 5 times in one day you would be happy and take the time to talk to her right? Well it's the same thing with Allah.. A simple check to say HI and Thank.  Lastly, prayer will increase you overall faith, mood and outlook on your life.  If you think for one second that God doesn't listen to you... you are wrong!
 Khadijah: What does Islam teach about women?  Are women oppressed in Islam

Dounia: One of the many reasons why I chose Islam as my belief and new way of life is because of the highly regarded role women have in the muslim society contradictory to what the media portrays and to the stardards of some "Islamic" countries.  Islam teaches that women have a voice and a say on all counts.  I'm a feminist myself and I truely believe that if the "Feminist" of Western Society would adopt the Islamic teaching the majority of their problem would eleviated. Now as for women being oppressed in Islam, honestly, NO they are not oppressed it's the environment in which they are living in that can be oppressing.

Khadijah: What personal experience do you remember the most when you became Muslim

Dounia: I felt at peace FINALLY! Like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. All mysteries solved!!! Alhamdulillah!

Khadijah:  If you could give advice to the youth of today (Muslims and non-Muslims) what would it be?

Dounia: To the "muslims" who aren't taking Islam seriously : Don't follow your culture and what your traditions to a "T"... most of the time it was something invented that has nothing to do with Islamic... Do research on what Islam is really about: Sunnah and Qur'an.  I don't care what anyone says about the last statement!!!  Stop being so shy and ashamed of the gift of being a muslim given to you.  Stop living for this Dunya obsessing over it and start living and obsessing over the Akhira!  Just think of the role models you have in your life... what have they done in the name of Allah SWT? If the answer is zero/nothing/nada then it's time to find a new one.  Just because your a muslim doesn't you have a first class ticket into Junnah.  Honestly, as a revert, my heart bleeds for the Ummah and what it has become.

To the non-muslims: 99% of the time you fear what your entourage will say if you even mention that you're interested in Islam and yes you risk losing them. BUT, they will need time just as you did to accept it.  Also, the thing about being muslim is that we (the ummah) are a bigger family... You will never be alone, people will throw themselves at you to help you on your new path.  And If it is in your heart just accept it and take your time with things... If you make the good intention God will see it and help you in your life's struggles.  If you have any questions about life Islam has the answer. Khair In sha'a Allah


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