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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Name is Anisa,

Who am I?

Khadijah: Assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu sis! Thanks so much for agreeing to be a part of this small project, May Allah grant it success and may it unite and unify non-Muslims and Muslims all across the globe spreading the truth about our beautiful Islam. Ameen!!! Please, tell me about yourself (where are you from, what is your cultural background, likes and dislikes - does not have to be Islamic)

Anisa: Well first of all i want to say a big jazak`allah khair for putting all this effort in help other better themselves and also in helping those that maybe are lost ... My name is Anisa also known as Umm Imran I`m an Irish revert of 15 years .... i`m 37 years youngLaughing out loud I`m married to my Algerian husband and have so now for 16 years i have 4 kids 1 boy and 3 girls  ages 15...13...12...3 ...i was born and raise in Ireland and when i married i moved to the uk and after 6 years their i moved to Algeria where i have been now for 9 years and love so much ..... i come from a catholic back ground .. but my family were never religious 

Khadijah: What kind of life(style) were you living prior to Islam?

Anisa: My life style before islam was ... work ... work ...and more work ... i knew nothing about islam ... i never even heard of it weekends i would go out if i had a day off ...but other than that i worked

Khadijah : When and how did you discover about Islam? Were you religious before?

Anisa: I first knew about islam after meeting my husband and i was married to him 5 weeks after that ... so slowly slowly he would explain the deen to me and then i would see him pray on front of me ... then 6 months after my son was born i met y now best friend and use to go to her house and with in 3 weeks of being their i made my shahada .. i felt clam their and listen to her and one of her friends talking about the deen and even laughing too

Khadijah: What does guidance mean to you?

Anisa: to me it means placing my trust completely in allah and knowing through this that he will guide me ... it also means let go of the control

Khadijah: What do you think about modesty in today's world?

Anisa: their is none we are told one of the signs are that women will be dressed but naked and all you have to do is look around ... i teach my children this is not the best way and that a woman is like a queen and should be treated like so and if you showing all then how would you be expected to be treated

Khadijah: If you could tell your non-Muslim friends 3 things about Islam, what would they be ?

Anisa: Islam is a way of life that will soften the heart ... nothing is made hard for you this deen is made easy ........and that your life isnt over by accepting this deen .. you can still do alot of thing just in moderation

Khadijah: Tell us what the Sunnah and Hadith means . (i know you know this but insha'Allah it will be good for the nonmuslims!)

Anisa: the sunnah is the way of our beloved prophet and how he carried himself and we should do the same and the hadith are  the words confirming the sunnah and the way of islam

Khadijah: What kind of advice would you give to those who attack Islam and slander our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ?

Anisa: learn about the man first before you say something and understand his way ... how he dealt fairly even to non muslim and maybe by that you would learn something that will help you in your life


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