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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


" I am not the kind of emotional person much more like realistic, thus reading much more and more was my tool as human and praying to get a satisfying answer was my need as a believer, so I thought let's try this thing I will search again about the most true religion, Judaism, Christianity or Islam and accept the most realistic one as my faith that I will meet God with it on the judgment day and take the responsibly of my choice then!

And as a researcher, I found that the most religion that respects human minds with facts, philosophy, science & real examples from life is Islam and at that moment I declared that I am a Muslim by choice not by inheritance, & maybe this is why those how convert to Islam do have much more ajar than those who have been born as a Muslim, It's the searching of the truth reward!

I would like to give thesethree headlines that will summarize the facts which leaded me to this result, as follow:

1 - In the new Judaism of our days, God has many human characters & this is not fair, How come a justifying God ask a Jew to be good with Jews only? But it is fine to kill, steal a human or even rape a woman from other religion? 
In Quran we are all called " nafs " a soul and we are all treated with the same rights & duties but the only difference is the person's attitude to obey or reject God's rules & by that only comes the differentiation in results among humans.

2 - In new Christianity the doctrine of the trinity never made me feel respectful! I mean how come one person become three, one of those three is a God!! This is not a fictional story, this is a religion which feeds the soul, and yes I read the Bible and discussed many issues with my Christine friends which I am proud of their friendship but this faith, Christianity, had been under much & much distortion from many heathen religions, you can read the history & find out all about starting from the real time of Jesus Christ birthday and the story of the Christmas!

3 - In Quran I found no double meanings stories, One God one messenger, and respect to all souls ( animals, plants & humans ) as well as respect to all religions & freedom to chose but with that freedom comes the responsibility at the judgment day to answer Allah's questions.
In Islam you have to read the period before Islam in the Arab world, and even in the European world too to understand how blessing was its arrival, and compare women rights with what it mentioned in Quran and what it mentioned in the other religious book like the Bible, you'll find out what Islam made of a woman. ( Note: this is a research not a debate, I read the Bible & Quran & based upon my readings I'm writing! ) 

Those were my short & on hand findings through searching for two years about the ultimate truth, and Alhamdulliah Islam for me is the ultimate truth comparing to what I found in the other Holy Books. But it is highly worth to mention that many ( Muslim or non Muslim ) would ask if Islam is the ultimate truth why Muslims situation in life on Earth are that much downward?

The answer is totally simple,First Muslims current situation was not a permanent and will never stay a permanent too, It's life with it's ups & downs read history and you will be proud to know about the Islamic contribution in building the human being heritage, Second, some Muslims nowadays are offending themselves & their religion too. Take an example: Dose Christianity encourage adultery? Of course not, but you find it everywhere with it negative consequences on the Christian society, & the same for Muslims who are living a faraway life style of Islamic rules and never count for the judgment day!

I pray to God the Ultimate power to guide us all to his right path.

Walsalm Alykom Wa Rahmato Alla Wa Barakato.

Your Sister,


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