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Saturday, November 24, 2012

a Korean sister becomes Muslim.


Dear Diary.
Assalamu alaikum~
Hi So-nyeo, yesterday a muslimah asked me about my convert story. And I realized that I haven't told you my convert story yet!! :O
So.. today I want to share my convert story.. :)

Hmm.. firstly, before shahadah,
I was a normal korean teenage student.
Just like others, Argue with family everyday, Eat all the food but always check the ‘kcal’! (afraid to get fat), Live without knowing the reason, Love the love, Struggle with this life. Study for exams, Use bad words, Want to commit suicide ‘sometimes’.
And mostly, worry too much about how people will judge me.

I was just living like that.

and.. once, I had some hardship.. so,, I tried to pray. you know, like a little wish.. after i wish, I suddenly thought, wait... ok I wished or prayed. but to WHOM....? .. :p
it was a simple but massive shock to me. I didn't even think about that before. it just suddenly came to my head. 'to a star? to the moon? to the sun? or to the galaxy?... but they are all just following their rules. and there are sooo many galaxies in this space. then..who created that all? who created the rules? is that just a natural thing? is that possible to happen just by itself?'

well..suddenly.. my mind was so messed up.

Maybe there is a God. ok maybe I should start thinking with the theory which says there is  a God? Huaaaa it’s just so complicated!!

Just like that, A massive question mark ? started jumping around like a little kid in my head..

well, anyway.. I needed to get back to my life.
I was at school just like other days. and.. oneday, one of my friends came to my class, just to chat with me.
she said she started enjoying a website recently. and she is also learning english from that. It is a random chatting site. I can easily have fun in that site, no need to log-in. just enjoy the chatting with a stranger. can finish the chatting anytime I want.
I was curious and interested in that site.
Honestly, I met many crazy people there..:S but also many good people :)

I wasn't really used to it.. I mean talking with stranger and plus, it is in English.. :O. awkward awkward x1000.. but i was interested, with trying something new. 
after few days....i met 2 foreigners...

at the first time, honestly I didn't know about their country. so I was like. eh..? where is it?.. maybe in asia?'
to get to know them, I searched about it.
Religion -- Muslim : 88%
Located in Southeast Asia     

so... Muslim. what is Muslim....?
it led me to search 'Muslim'.

Muslim : a believer or follower of Islam...

Islam = Arab. they torture women, kill women and innocent people in cruel way, what about 9`11?

so, Muslim = Terrorist!!! bad guys!!
and.. did I just meet 2 terrorists??? what should I do?? oh no..,(I know it sounds so stupid, but I was really shocked. Lack of knowledge.. :p )

OK calm down.. let's just ask them first if they are muslims or not.
I asked.. and they said yes.....
but... I couldn't think they are terrorists..! no way.. (yea I was so immature. haha I was just about 13..i guess)

I searched more about islam that day, they wanted to chat with me, but I couldn't.. just couldn't.. my heart was beating fast.
all I could find was,,, bad news/articles.. I was.. so much scared.. but.. they are not like this..!! I don't think they reached me with some reasons..
I was sooo confused. which one is right? media? or people that I met on the internet?
I said i'm confused to them.
they.. didn't say anything, just sent me a youtube link.

it was about islam.
I watched with a very curious/scary heart.. hehe
but I was still confused... -,- it's in english, and very serious video.. boring and difficult...
and                                looks not friendly. :p

so I just searched islam in korean for the one last time again..
I found a site.. website. supported by Saudi Arabia.
Korean muslims and muslimahs answer at Koreans with the islamic questions.

'oh yeah, it's an ISLAM thing, so maybe I need to ask a "muslim". not non-muslim.
like when we want to ask something, we ask people who ever experienced it before. :)'

so I started chatting with a korean muslimah about the islam./ involved with korea too.
slowly.. my misunderstandings were gone,
the truth was remained alone..

Honestly, I didn’t know much about islam that time, I just asked about the method and basics of islam and my misunderstandings. And I just felt like 'this is the right way. I need to go for it. I could find all the answers at my questions in islam. wow. it shows from how we should live to so many detail things. This is the true guidance for the mankind.
Now the pieces of my puzzle in my head started going to be in the place.
felt like..
I was lost in dark but finally see the sun rises , found a map and compass, know what is my goal and reason to travel this life..


Sara.T said...

Assalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh,

The title of the story caught my attention mainly because of my biased thoughts; I've always liked asian peeps and Koreans were my top one favourite.

To be brief, welcome to the right path and may Allah keep you steadfast on our beautiful religion.
Though, I'm really interested in getting to know you better !

Unknown said...

Ameen, salamualaikum wow mashaa Allah what a beautiful story

iffah said...


Hi there. I know this is an old entry of yours but I just came across to your blog when searching for Islam in Korea.
So glad that you've finally found your inner peace. A warm welcome to you from us all muslimah. I'm a muslimah too from Malaysia. Lets be friend =)

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