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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am Anonymous

"Assalamualaikum, probably a bit of a boring story - but I will share.
I had just moved into an apartment with my sister and our boiler broke so the landlord had to get a new one - he asked one of the other tenants (neighbour) to help him carry it into our apartment, this tenant was my future husband!
After speaking a few times with my new found friend (the other tenant) I found out that he was Muslim, which intrigued me. I then started reading as much as I could about Islam from the local University library, as the main library didn't have much!
I had been a practising Christian all my life, even though my parents were not. When I was 18 I stopped going to Church as there were too many hypocrites attending the Church. I believed in God but found I was not finding the right way to follow his path from the Church.  I was so upset at the lack of support from Christian friends and the hypocrisy of the church members that they actually pushed me away from the faith because I didn't believe they were truly following the religion of God.

I decided to stop drinking alcohol and eating pork for a while to see how that was and found that it wasn't difficult at all. I then decided that if I can stop these things then it shouldn't be too hard to practice the religion fully.  I chose not to tell any of my family about my choices at first.  I then made the decision to become Muslim and have never regretted it. I have always been a people person so I don't think my personality changed that much - I did start to see things a bit more clearly because I made more of an effort in helping others for example because this is important is Islam. Three months after reverting I married my friend, this was about 21 months after our first meeting.
We have been married nearly 15 years now and have 3 children. My family have accepted that we are Muslim. They are not practicing Christians but like to call themselves Christian and don't want to know anything about Islam, but generally it doesn't cause too many problems between us. The Muslimahs I have met have all been so welcoming and so helpful which was quite a shock to me. Even the Muslimahs I interact with online are always so thoughtful and caring it really is like a large family of friends.My favourite things about Islam would be the way that we pray. In Christianity I prayed probably only once a week at church, however in Islam we pray 5 times a day so we have more chance to remember Allah and the good things that Islam has to offer.  I love Ramadan even though my Christian family think this is the worst! Fasting and remembering others who are starving is a reminder to us all of our need to help others in this world.

Anonymous xo"


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